Transmission System

The transmission system of a vehicle is the set of components whose main objective is to carry the energy produced by the engine to the wheels.

NipoKM is complete

We efficiently cover a wide range of auto parts and rely on our components to deliver an excellent performance to a high level of demand.

Gear Box
Center Bearing Support
Wheel Seal
Universal Joint
CV Joints
Clutch Bearing
Wheel Bearing
Locking Hub Free Wheel
Power Steering Pump

NipoKM is concerned with having a complete and constantly expanding catalog.

Clutch Bearings
They withstand large rotational forces and are resistant to high temperatures and friction.
Steering Pumps
They are flexible and resistant to abrasive chemicals and high temperatures. Steering pumps do the difficult job of making driving easier and are crucial to any hydraulic system.
Wheel Bearings
Carefully manufactured to withstand high rotations, temperatures and loads maintaining its stability and smooth rotation.
CV Joints
They are resistant to high loads and high engine speeds in the presence of constant vibrations from the suspension elements.
The main task is to ensure a long lifespan by avoiding loss of power and torque by reducing friction between components.
Universal Joints
They guarantee an even distribution of lubricant and a large capacity for retaining lubricant. They are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which guarantees them great longevity.
Center Bearing Support
They have the necessary elastic properties to efficiently absorb the oscillations and vibrations of the transmission system. They guarantee not only the comfort of the driver and passengers, but also the safety of the transmission system.
They are resistant to oil, fuel and road dirt. They prevent unpleasant noises regardless of engine speed and vehicle speed.

We also have a wide range of speedometer, gearbox and clutch cables, wheel hubs and various seals.