Cooling System

The cooling system is responsible for keeping the vehicle engine within the ideal temperatures for its proper functioning.

NipoKM is experient

We are focused on finding the products with the best warranty and strength in the aftermarket in order to provide a long life to the vehicle.

Fan Blades
Water Pumps
Fan Clutches
Radiator Hoses
Heater Hoses
Intercooler Hoses
Water Pumps
They are durable and efficient, guaranteeing a stable flow to the refrigeration circuit, providing the engine with good operation and helping its durability.
Fan Clutches
They quickly adapt to temperature differences providing adequate cooling to the engine’s needs.
Fan Blades
Manufactured with resistant polymers, great durability and resistant to wear and tear. They are designed to have great precision and balanced weight distribution, reducing natural operating noise.

We also have an extensive catalog of radiator, heater and intercooler hoses to ensurethe most complete replacement of the cooling system.