Engine System

The engine system is the most complex and delicate in the vehicle and requires attention in order to keep it healthy.

NipoKM is focused

We aim to provide the best value-for-money replacement parts on the market and pride ourselves on expanding our catalog frequently.

Idler Bearings
Crankshaft Pulleys
Tensioner Bearings
Engine Mouting
Crankshaft Seals
Fuel Pumps
Distribution Kits
Timing Belts
Crankshaft Sensor
Camshaft Sensor
Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
Fuel Pumps
Made with quality materials, they provide a stable and regular supply of fuel to the engine.
Engine Mount
They have the necessary elastic properties to efficiently absorb engine oscillations and vibrations. They guarantee not only the comfort of the driver and passengers, but also the safety of the engine. They are resistant to oil, fuel and the wear and tear of road dirt. Prevent unpleasant sounds regardless of engine speed or vehicle speed.
Crankshaft Pulleys
With excellent damping capabilities
and resistant to cracking, corrosion and aggressive chemicals, thus having a useful lifespan of thousands of kilometers. They are designed to prevent the timing belts from slipping and smooth the entire transmission system.
Idler Bearings
Promote smooth and quiet operation.
The surface treatment reduces applied friction preventing premature wear.
Tensioner Bearings
Retain excellent elasticity properties
which reduces its wear, its polishing
allows a low coefficient of friction which ensures smooth sliding and extends the life of the part.

We have a wide range of timing belts and complete distribution kits as well as various camshaft, exhaust gas temperature and crankshaft sensors.